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Active Bangtan Fansites [updated 140728]

this list contains every active fansite for bangtan, will be updated regularly. only active (have posted regularly since bts anniv in june) established (at least 4 events) sites will be included. 

(click on site titles for direct link to their homepage)

    ※ OT7

7th Heaven | @bts7thheaven
Go for It!!! | @GOFORIT_39124
Milk Tea | @mkt_bts
Minsuub  @bts_minsuub
Mischief Managed | @mischief_bts
XXX  @bbts69xxx 

    ※ Jin

10seconds | @jin10seconds
12월의너에게 | @DecemberJIN1204
Bittersweet | @bts_jincom
Cosmic Bloom *Jin and V* | @JINVcom
ImaJin | @1204imajin
Improving Jin | @improving_Jin
JINism | @921204_J
Jin Star | @likejinstar (tumblr)
Jin Suga Factory *jin and suga* | @JnSFactory
Jin Time | @_Jintime
Marshmallow *jin and suga* | @marshmallow9293 
Miracles *Jin Suga* | @miracles9293
My Way | @MYWAY1204 
Pink Piece | @pinkpiece_jin

    ※ Suga

Camera Boy | @19930309_net
Caffeine Suga | @CaffeineSuga
Cha Cha | @chacha9339
Chu?Chu!Chu♡  *Suga V Jeongguk* | @939597_chu 
It’s Your Day! | @itsyourday0613
Love Recipe | @LOVERECIPE0309
Jin Suga Factory *jin and suga* | @jnsfactory (tumblr)
Make Me Glossy | @MakeMeGlossy
Marshmallow *jin and suga* | @marshmallow9293 
Miracles9293  *Jin Suga* | @miracles9293 
Mischievous Sugar | @mischievous0309
Mr.309 | @_Mr309
Muse | @BTS930309_com
My Best Musician | @MBM_Suga  
Real Recognize Real | @MINREALSUGA
Shooting Boy | @shootingboy_sg
Spring Suga | @spring_suga 
Suga Maximum | @Suga_Maximum
Suga Port | @Sugarport_0309 
Su Can Fly | @suga930309com
SuStar | @SuStar39
Sweet Strike! | @sweetstrike_

    ※ J-Hope

218 | @218_Jhope
Chubby Puppy | @CHUBBYPUPPY94
Dear Hope | @DearHOPE94 
First Crush
 | @First_Crush218
Ho!B | @HO_B0218
Hope’s Miraculous | @Miraculous_Hope
HopeSmiling | @HopeSmiling0218
Hope Tree | @19940218_net 
J-Hope Star | @jhopestar
Lilas Hope | @Lilas_hope

    ※ RapMon 

Beautiful Dark Twisted | @rapmonster_net
Keep Rockin’ | @_keeprockin
Love, Guyz | @luv_guyz_BTS
Monster Mania | @199412mon
 | @19940912_com
Spectrum | @Hegemony9412
Too Much | @toomuch_RM

    ※ Jimin

Addiction | @addiction1013
Honeywater | @honeywater_jm
I Like It | @ILIKEIT_JM 
JamJam | @parkjamjam_kr
Killing Groove | @jm19951013_com
MINingful Moment | @miningfulmoment
Mystic Feel | @25_jimin
Petit Prince *Jimin V Jeongguk* @Petit_prince3
Some | @951013SOME
Soulmate Jimin | @19951013_net
Vitamin *Jimin and V* | @VitaMIN_95
Zeronine | @jimina_kr

  ※ Taehyung

At The Moment  | @kimtaetaeV_V
Baby V | @babyv1230
Be Ma Bebe | @taehyung_net
Chu?Chu!Chu♡ *Suga V and Jeongguk* | @939597_chu  
Cosmic Bloom *Jin and V* | @JINVcom
Crazy Play | @crazyplay1230
Eh Eh V | @EHEH_V
HaruHaru | @haru951230 
Man of the Match | @V_ManOftheMatch
Night Breeze @TAETAEcokr
Petit Prince *Jimin V Jeongguk* @Petit_prince3
Pure Boy | @TO_PureBoy
Sweetest Choco *V and Jeongguk* | @_sweetchoVJK
TaehyungA | @TaehyungA_com
TaeTae Land (video) @TAETAELAND 
To My Darling |  @TO_MY_DARLINGV
Twinkle Star @Twinklestar1230
Velicitas | @Velicitas1230
Vitamin *Jimin and V* | @VitaMIN_95
V Ma Best | @19951230net
VMABOY | @Vmaboy_95
VStar | @V_star95
VTaeTaeKook (video) | @vtt_kook
Winter Glow | @winterglow95

    ※ Jungkook

Backspace | @backspace0901
Blanc Blanc | @blancblanc_0901
Chu?Chu!Chu♡  *Suga V Jungkook* | @939597_chu 
Fortune | @kook_19970901
I’m Your Nuna | @iamyour970901
Kookparazzi | @KOOKPARAZZI  
Kimbap Jungkook | @19970901_JK
Little Golden | @LittleGolden97
Loved My Dear | @Mydear_kook
Petit Prince *Jimin V Jeongguk* | @Petit_prince3
Red Blossom | @RedBlossom_jk
Romantic Page | @RomanticPage901
Snow Peach | @JUNGKOOKcokr
Sweetest Choco *V Jeongguk* | @_sweetchoVJK
VTaeTaeKook (video) | @vtt_kook
WarmStar | @WarmStar_JK
Wild For the Night | @19970901cokr

Bangtan style 2.0 : MISCHIEF MANAGED

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Baekho Birthday Fanmeeting 140720 - Beautiful Ren

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taking the middle one for desktop

I’m waiting to see these two in the same work again, though it’s probably never going to happen.

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this is funny

like really, really funny

My BF had to explain it to me and now I feel like an idiot as he laughs his fucking ass off.

I don’t get it

is she still alive?

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I accidentally typed l.jose instead of “l.joe’s” Omfg I’m sorry it just happened

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140711 Music Bank Arrivals - Nu’est

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140711 Music Bank Arrivals- Ren (Nu’est)

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140711 Music Bank Arrivals - Minhyun (Nu’est)

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140711 Music Bank Arrivals - JR (Nu’est)

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Most to least likely to stay faithful in a relationship


  1. Capricorn
  2. Taurus
  3. Cancer
  4. Virgo
  5. Libra
  6. Pisces
  7. Aquarius
  8. Gemini
  9. Leo
  10. Sagittarius
  11. Scorpio
  12. Aries


fun drinking game: take a shot of water every couple hours to make sure you’re healthy and hydrated

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140711 music bank arrival: JB (GOT7)